Bill Murray Broke The Tension With A Perfect Line After His ‘St. Vincent’ Sex Scene With Naomi Watts

On Wednesday, we wrote about the difficult but hilarious experience St. Vincent director Ted Melfi had in landing Bill Murray to star in his movie, an experience that required a “Dear Bill” letter and a trip to the airport that ended up costing him seven hours of his day. But there was another great Bill Murray story to come out of that Nerdist podcast, as well, involving Bill Murray’s sex scene with Naomi Watts.

Melfi relayed to Hardwick during the podcast that he was nervous to work with Murray, of course, but as he explained, Murray knows that everyone gets nervous around him. Therefore, he often goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable. For example, Melfi offered that during the filming of St. Vincent, Watts and Murray had a sex scene where she — as a pregnant Russian stripper — was straddling him.

“She’s on top of him, bouncing along,” Melfi said, “and she’s a nervous wreck. She has just met the man. She loves him. She loves his work. He’s an icon. She’s bouncing on top of him, and everyone is just watching this. Her ears are red she’s so nervous. And I say, ‘Cut!’

[Bill Murray] looks up at [Naomi Watts] and he goes, ‘Are you seeing anyone?’

Watts starts howling with laughter, and that was that. [Now she was comfortable around him}.”

You can’t get any more Bill Murray than that, folks.

Source: Nerdist