’Black Widow’s David Harbour And ‘Shang-Chi’ Star Simu Liu Are Making The Best Of Their MCU Delays

Wednesday brought the not entirely surprising news that Disney has delayed Black Widow yet again as the pandemic continues to make theatrical releases a risky venture for both public safety and box-office haul. With the Marvel movies being interconnected, Disney can’t just move Black Widow to May 2021 without shifting the MCU movies that follow, and that’s exactly what happened. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will now open in July 2021 followed by Eternals in November 2021.

At this point, the MCU has now seen two of its major blockbusters delayed an entire year, and most of its stars seem to be rolling with the punches. Here’s how Shang Chi star Simu Liu reacted to having his big MCU debut being delayed a second time:

As for David Harbour, who’s waiting to makes his MCU debut as Red Guardian in Black Widow, he lamented the fact that fans will now have to wait to drink soda out of his head.

“Sorry,” Harbour wrote on Instagram. “You’re gonna have to wait til May 2021 before you can pop a straw thru my helmeted head and sip your Diet Coke, and marvel (get it, get it) at how the RG packs his whole overly fleshy self into that super suit.”

While Harbor and Liu are having fun with the unprecedented circumstances that are out of their control, Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani took a more serious tact by praising Marvel for doing the right thing.

“Marvel made the right & responsible decision,” Nanjiani tweeted. “There’s a pandemic. Nothing is more important than health & lives. I can’t tell ppl to go to a movie theater until I feel safe going to one. Take care of yourselves. I promise it’ll be worth the wait!”

Nanjiani is also waiting for fans to see his MCU debut as Kingo in Eternals, where he’ll show off his new abs that nearly broke the internet.