Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Blade Runner 2’ So Far

The currently untitled sequel to Blade Runner, the 1982 science fiction classic that captured the hearts of humans and machines everywhere, will be upon us soon enough. It’s been a few years since whispers of the second installment started, and much like the the definitive answer to “Is Rick Deckard a replicant?”, we’re still pretty much in the dark. However, there have been a few details released, and as the months progress, we’ll certainly be finding out more than just casting news. But here’s everything we know so far about Blade Runner 2.

Thankfully, Harrison Ford will be returning as the working class android hunter, which is a relief as it’s hard to picture the cluttered, decrepit Los Angeles without Ford chomping down on some noodles. (No word yet as to how Deckard has visibly aged and exceeded his four-year life span if he is a replicant.) Ryan Gosling, David Bautista, and Robin Wright will also star in the movie, along with Ana de Armas and Sylvia Hoeks. Here’s hoping that Gosling is the one filling in for Daryl Hannah’s endless backflip/thigh-choking fighting style.

Hampton Francher, the co-writer from the 1982 original, will be back to co-pen the film, while it will be directed by Sicario helmer Denis Villeneuve. The movie also landed legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, who’s collaborated with Villeneuve several times in the past.

As for the actual plot, not much is known other than it will take place several decades after the original. Ridley Scott gave us a taste of the opening scene, though, which is just enough to keep us hungry until the film’s release date of October 2017.