This ‘Blade Runner’ Fan Film Will Tide You Over Until ‘Blade Runner 2049’ For A Fraction Of The Price

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Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner will finally get a sequel courtesy of Arrival director Denis Villeneuve. Blade Runner 2049 will see the return of Harrison Ford’s Deckard and a new Blade Runner played by Ryan Gosling working to deal with some new conspiracy that could bring down society. It’s easy to get too excited with just that information, but you have to stay grounded. This could always be a disaster.

But to keep your hopes up until October, fans have a little shining light out of Croatia. Director Luka Hrgovic and his friends put together a trailer for their fan film Slice Of Life, finding themselves telling an original story inside the world of Ridley Scott’s classic film. Obviously, there’s going to be some issue with Warner Bros. and copyright, but for right now the group is looking to Kickstart their way to a completed film according to The Verge.

The interesting part is that the Blade Runner connection just happened and they didn’t intend to make a film that takes place in that universe according to The Verge:

Hrgovic described the film as being about a “low-life drug dealer who tries to turn his life around but finds himself at the mercy of fate when he encounters a cop with an agenda of his own.” The movie doesn’t include the original film’s Richard Deckard but follows the “lives of other characters that are trying to make a living in the dangerous streets of futuristic Los Angeles…

“The idea to connect it with Blade Runner came later,” he explained, “We always wanted to pay tribute to Blade Runner in some way, [so] we decided to set our story in the Blade Runner universe and Los Angeles of 2019.”

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