Miles Teller Becomes The Pazmanian Devil In The Trailer For ‘Bleed For This’

Spectacular box office bombs and stupid bro comedies aside, Miles Teller is taking the next step in showing the world that he’s more than just a kid who had a lot of sex in high school. Proving that his outstanding performance in Whiplash, which earned him three 2015 MTV Movie Award nominations, was no fluke, Teller’s next big awards season role is as boxer Vinny Pazienza in the biopic Bleed for This. Judging by this first trailer, which debuted at Sports Illustrated, Teller is going to be nominated for quite a few statues later this year, and with any luck, Aaron Eckhart’s hairline might get some recognition, too.

The film tells the incredible story of how the five-time world boxing champ defied the odds with one of the greatest comebacks in history, an amazing tale of personal triumph and resilience, after he was injured in a car accident and told by doctors that he could possibly never walk again. Refusing a surgical procedure that would at least let him walk, Vinny Paz instead chose a path for recovery that would let him fight again.

And hey, even if boxing’s not your thing, at least you’ll get to watch Teller reenact the legendary 1995 fight against Roy Jones, Jr. That’ll make the beating he took in Whiplash look like tickle torture. Bleed for This, written and directed by Ben Younger (Boiler RoomPrime), hits theaters on November 23.