A Booster Gold And Blue Beetle ‘Superhero Buddy Cop Movie’ Is Coming From Two Familiar Names

We’ve already laid out the argument that Booster Gold could be DC’s Deadpool, and Nathan Fillion has volunteered for the role. Now The Tracking Board reports Warner is developing a “superhero buddy cop” comedy based on Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) is set to direct and executive produce, and Heroic Hollywood adds a rumor that Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk) may be hired to write a script.

It’s a noticeable break from the rumored “no jokes allowed” policy at DC, but that doesn’t mean this comedy team-up is a one-off or standalone project. Buried in Tracking Board‘s report is the news that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle — both members of the Justice League — are “being planted now to appear in a future [Justice League] movie down the road.” In other words, expect some Tony Stark/Bruce Banner vibes in Justice League.

The Booster Gold series is based on a 25th century famous football player who gets caught gambling on his own games. With his reputation destroyed, he decides to steal superpowered relics and travel to the past to become a superhero. This was surprisingly effective.

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) is a young genius who foils his mad scientist uncle’s plot with the help of original Blue Beetle Dan Garret, taking over the Blue Beetle role after the fight. Without any superpowers, he uses his ingenuity instead. We’re hoping he uses his inventions to trick out a sweet Gran Torino so they can full on Starsky & Hutch this thing. The glove box is full of Oreos. So luxurious.

(Via The Tracking Board and Heroic Hollywood)