Bradley Cooper Relives His Steamy ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Sex Scene With Michael Ian Black

When a little movie called Wet Hot American Summer premiered back in 2001, Bradley Cooper was not yet “Serious A-List Academy Award-Nominated Actor Bradley Cooper,” he was still “Just A Guy, Bradley Cooper.” Which, looking back, now makes his over-the-top ridiculous, homoerotic sex scene with The State jokester Michael Ian Black all the more hilarious — a fact that has not been lost on the latter, who joked earlier this year on Seth Meyers: “American Sniper doesn’t happen without me.”

Obviously, though, Cooper himself has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, and — despite being a very busy, in-demand actor — signed on for the limited Netflix prequel series. When the Joy actor stopped by Seth Meyers Monday night, the Late Night host once again brought up the infamous “very moving” sex scene, which Cooper says required a lot of fake sweat “glistening gel.” And being reunited for the prequel was apparently just like old times. Compared to Michael Ian Black, Cooper says that he and Jennifer Lawrence only just kind of have chemistry. Sorry, Jen!