Brent Spiner Is Somehow Going To Be In ‘Independence Day 2’

Everyone’s favorite Rupert Murdoch-lover Randy Quaid won’t be the only dead character to magically return for the Independence Day sequel. According to THR, director Roland Emmerich tweeted some casting news last night:

Not only would newcomer Joey King be joining the project, but so would sci-fi favorite Brent Spiner, who played Dr. Okun. You know, the Area 51 scientist who became a mouthpiece for the captured alien before dying. (Hell, Adam Baldwin checked his pulse, so you know he’s dead.)

Spiner confirmed the news on Twitter a few hours later:

Two things to take away from this:

  1. Not only is Spiner’s tweet hella awesome, but it’s also kind of creepy. Maybe it’s a clue as to how Dr. Okun is able to come back from the dead?
  2. King was born three years after the first film’s release. THREE. WHOLE. YEARS.

Combined with the casting announcements and rumors so far, I think it’s safe to accurately guess at what the sequel’s full title will be: Independence Day 2: Get Off My Lawn!

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)