Bryan Singer Reportedly Wanted For ‘Fantastic Four 2’ Leading Into An X-Men Crossover

Bryan Singer
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We’ve heard some doubtful rumors that Fox is looking to put together a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover movie, and now another rumor site is adding used fry oil to that grease fire. This Is Infamous claims that Fox is trying to convince Bryan Singer to direct Fantastic Four 2 instead of inviting Josh Trank back.

While [Fox] are not as high on the completed film as they were the concept when they first gave it the green light, the studio understands the value the Fantastic Four holds for them in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been told they view Fantastic Four as a decent introduction to the new direction its characters will be taking, one good enough to build upon rather than scrap in favor of yet another restart in a few years. […] Fox is hoping to get Singer to take the directorial reins for Fantastic Four 2, following X-Men: Apocalypse, in order to get the franchise on the right path moving forward where this time they can get more than two mediocre movies out of the property.

You hear that, Amazing Spider-Man? Ya burnt.

Anyway, we’ll believe this news when there’s an official confirmation, although it wouldn’t surprise us if Fox wanted to start their own shared cinematic universe and rested it on Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer.

Real talk: There’s only one X-Men crossover we care about.

(Via This Is Infamous)