California Is Renaming San Francisco’s Rainbow Tunnel In Honor Of Robin Williams

07.06.15 4 years ago 9 Comments

Last Thursday, the California Senate moved to rename Northern California’s Waldo Tunnel after the late Robin Williams. The actor resided in Tiburon, California and regularly passed through the rainbow tunnel when he traveled to and from San Francisco.

Buzzfeed shared a snippet of the recent resolution:

“Robin Williams was a friend to the North Bay community of the San Francisco Bay area,” the resolution reads. “He would often drop in unannounced at comedy nights at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. There he would encourage young, budding comedians. He did so with kindness and humility and many comedians aspired to perform with the same level of wit and insight as Robin Williams.”

The concept of renaming the tunnel first surfaced soon after Williams passed away last August. An online petition took shape and currently, the number of signatures in support of the idea are now well over 60,000. Originally named after politician William Waldo, the tunnel’s new name will most-likely appear on signs by the late fall.

(Via Buzzfeed and Los Angeles Times)

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