‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is Making All The Money This Weekend

When it comes to major comic book movies that center around super heroes facing off against each other due to a disagreement on principles, Captain America: Civil War is faring even better at the box office than recent release Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though the latter film broke box office records for March, the former is smashing all competition on its opening week to the tune of an $180 million opening. Variety’s box office report projects it as the fifth-best opening weekend of all time which shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as it had some of the best pre-sale numbers ever on Fandango and is being touted as the best Marvel installment yet. It can already claim the 7th-best opening day gross of all times.

The excitement was palpable for Civil War’s release so it isn’t a shock that it is performing this well in early days. International numbers from the past few weeks – $291.2 million in less than 10 days – are already amazing before it has even opened in China and good reviews from around the world will only spur more people into going in the near future. Plus, word of mouth from satisfied fans (as long as they leave out certain spoilers) will surely convince anyone who was unsure to go see it. Now to see whether it can hold up better than Batman v. Superman in week two of its release. Not that accomplishing that is in any way a challenge.

(via Variety)