Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger And A Surprise Guest Star In The Film Based On Tom Hanks’ Iconic Career

Chesley Sullenberger, or “Sully” to just about everyone, is the heroic airline captain who landed a commercial jet in the Hudson River after a flock of doomed geese hit and disabled the airliner. This heroic man, like so many heroic men (such as a terminally-ill man who wants to jump into a volcano, the heroic man who discovers murderers in his ‘burbs, or the heroic boy who turns into a heroic man via magic), was played by Tom Hanks.

Now, with the help of Jimmy Kimmel, Sully Sullenberger is going to play Tom Hanks in Hanks’ most recognizable roles.

We go back to the beginning when Hanks was a Hawaiian shirt-wearing, bright-eyed 65-year-old retired airline pilot hoping to get a job in Hollywood. We transition to 1980 and his short-lived sitcom Bosom Buddies immediately followed by the difficulties on set while filming his Oscar-winning performance in Forrest Gump.

Sully then shows his range as Tom Hanks showing his range, with a brief look at Cast Away. Sully was brave in that one. Sully then wins an Oscar for his brave portrayal as Tom Hanks’ brave portrayal of AIDS victim Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia.

It’s all very emotional, seeing Sully come this far with Tom Hanks’ acting career. Who knew the Bosom Buddy would go on to win an Oscar? It’s truly an amazing story, and one I hope to see continue. Sully shows promise as a director and producer.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)