Carrie Fisher’s Dog Gary Continues To Upstage Everyone On The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Press Tour

It takes a lot to upstage the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Unless you’re Gary, Carrie Fisher’s French Bulldog.

Fisher has been quite the force herself while doing press for Episode VII, but Gary has managed to be the ultimate scene-stealer every time. Superfans first got a glimpse of Gary “The Tongue” Fisher at Star Wars Celebration, when he joined his mom for her panel and remained thoroughly unimpressed.

Gary continued to accompany Fisher during appearances, his dangling tongue just adding to his no f*cks given demeanor.

Then, during the European premiere, Gary made Kylo Ren (also known as Adam Driver) his minion when the possibly, maybe Sith-wannabe was tasked with holding him during the press line.

But Gary showed he was more than just the canine Waldorf to Carrie Fisher’s Statler when he put that newbie show-off BB-8 in his place. The pooch let the overeager soccer ball know he’s no threat to the famed internet star/fur baby of the most famous Princess, now General, in the galaxy.


If you’re asking yourself what Gary’s doing when he’s not flying around the world, gracing the red carpets of Star Wars premieres, the answers can be found on Twitter and Instagram, where the famous Frenchie is starting to amass his own following. The real question here is how long ’til Gary gets his own show or, better yet, a walk-on role in one of the Star Wars spin-offs?

(via Time)