Channing Tatum’s Tribute To His Pet Goat Will Break Your Heart

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Girl and her goat. RIP Heather. You had a damn good long run sweets.

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Channing Tatum was stealing hearts online a few weeks ago when he posted some sweet pictures of his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, on Instagram. Magic Mike was at it again yesterday, posting another adorable, albeit sad, photo on his account, after the death of the family’s pet goat, Heather.

While he usually keeps his daughter, Everly, out of the public eye, the picture shows the tiny toddler having a moment with Heather on a happier day, with the caption “Girl and her goat. R.I.P. Heather. You had a damn good long run, sweets.” There are few things cuter than animals and kids being friends together, so this photo is bound to pull on a few heartstrings.

If there was ever an instance where you can actually play the “Celebrities! They’re just like us!” card, this would be it. Losing a pet can be like losing a family member, so hopefully little Everly will be able to recover quickly from the loss of her furry friend.

Heather wasn’t the only animal at Casa Tatum. Smoke the rescue horse has also made an appearance on C-Tates’ social media, further proving that Tatum is friend to all, both man and beast.

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