Charlie Hunnam Lived Some Of Your Worst Nightmares While Filming ‘The Lost City Of Z’

CinemaCon has brought plenty of surprises for those in attendance this week, leaving most of in the dark aside from some fine descriptive language. We’ll get to see some of the trailers eventually, but it’s the stories from the stage that should make fans a little jealous. Take Charlie Hunnam‘s tales of horror from the panel for The Lost City Of Z for example. As proven by Fitzcarraldo and Apocalypse Now, filming in the jungle is a recipe for a bad time. While it seems that Lost City Of Z managed to avoid most of the issues, Hunnam did not according to Vulture:

“The greatest ordeal was in my hotel room — a beetle had burrowed into my ear and I woke up to a sound of a drill in my ear.”

Worse yet, Hunnam apparently didn’t get the bug out of his ear before going back to bed. He ended up at the hospital after trying to get the critter out himself, using a Neti pot like some fool. Could’ve easily dropped some food on a pillow to lure the beast out or better yet, try a little bit of love. Could’ve saved him a trip and earned him a good night’s rest.

That wasn’t all for Hunnam, though. There was another time according to Vulture where the crew had traveled too far out in the jungle. A rainstorm popped up, leading to another close encounter with Mother Nature:

“A lighting bolt struck about where the speakers are [pointing to something on stage] and knocked me off my feet — and I was like, ‘Okay, let’s go!’”

That’s when you know it’s time to hit the road. Lightning strikes and one of the creatures from Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan would be enough to ruin any movie shoot, but he soldiered through. And the movie apparently isn’t bad either, so suck it up, Jax.

(Via Vulture)