Charlize Theron Is Happy To Trash Talk Steven Seagal Because He’s ‘Not Nice To Women’

Charlize Theron was in Mad Max: Fury Road, therefore she’s allowed to talk sh*t about anyone. But she’s especially allowed to talk sh*t about Steven Seagal.

The Oscar winner recently dropped by The Howard Stern Show to discuss her new Netflix movie, The Old Guard, where she plays an immortal, butt-kicking mercenary “with a mysterious inability to die.” While discussing her preparation for action movies like The Old Guard and Atomic Blonde with Stern, Theron said, “At night I’ll go online to watch fighters or watch people fight and you always come across that odd Seagal video of him ‘fighting’ in Japan, but he really isn’t. He’s just incredibly overweight and pushing people.” If that seems unnecessarily harsh, well, Theron has a reason for coming after the face of poorly choreographed, direct-to-video fight films:

“I have no problem talking sh*t about him because he’s not very nice to women so ‘f*ck you’!”

Seagal has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by numerous women over the years. The “Allegations and Lawsuits” section of his Wikipedia page is organized by “Early 1990s,” “1995 lawsuit,” “2010 lawsuit,” “2011 lawsuit” (to be fair, that one was over bringing a tank to a suspected cockfight), “2017 allegations,” and “2018 allegations and investigation.” There’s also a bitcoin scandal thrown in there, as a treat.

Theron also said that the star of such cinematic classics as Gutshot Straight, The Asian Connection, and Born to Raise Hell “can barely fight… He’s shoving people by the face, it’s a whole setup.” Women in action movies “don’t want to f*cking fight like men,” she added. “We want to fight like we would fight and figure out what this looks like. We want to fight smarter, we want to fight in a way that makes sense and we want to do it in a way where we’re still part of emotional storytelling.” I’m tempted to say I want to see Theron fight Seagal (it could be on a bill with the Perlman v. Cruz wrestling match), but that wouldn’t be fair. She would finish him in about three seconds.

(Via The Howard Stern Show & NY Daily News)