Chew Some Bubble Gum And Watch This Wonderful Movie Fight Tribute

Nobody puts together a movie mashup quite like our buddy Robert Jones, who is back with the second installment of his tribute to the all-time greatest movie fight scenes. Any time you open with They Live, you’ve got our attention, but really I’m sold any time I see that unforgettable moment in Con Air when Nicolas Cage’s Cameron Poe takes a bullet to the arm like it’s nothing. God, imagine being on that set when that scene (or any scene in that awesomely dumb movie) was filmed. I bet it was Cage’s idea to pretend that bullets don’t hurt. He probably actually believed he was Superman at that time in his life, so he was just living the dream.

Anyway, this is another A+ movie mashup effort here, so enjoy it while you dig out your VHS copy of Con Air to watch twice.