Chewbacca Crocs Are Proof That Star Wars Merchandising Has Gone To The Dark Side

The upside of a nerd franchise being an enormous mainstream success is that it becomes a cultural touchstone, a shared experience, part of our collective cultural thought process. The downside of that is that you can sell a lot of merch to people who lack shame, which would appear to be the target market of Chewbacca Crocs.

Yes, those are brown Crocs, with Chewbacca’s distinctive bandolier wound around the sole, and lined in fur. I know the appeal of Crocs is that they sacrifice style for comfort, which is why so many people wear them despite the gnashing and wailing of the internet. But come on. How does jamming your feet into fake-fur booties with that plastic strap across the back ever become comfortable?

Of course, these are probably aimed more at collectors who must have every last unit of Star Wars merch than they are at people who want to combine practical footwear and their love of Chewie at the expense of being taken seriously, even by the guy who cosplays as Jar-Jar Binks. Still, you know somebody is going to unironically wear these, probably at a comic-con. If you want to be that person, you only have to pay $60 for the privilege!

It could be worse, we suppose. How about some Slave Leia Crocs?

(Via Toyland)