Children Were Left Traumatized After A British TV Channel Aired ‘Watership Down’ On Easter

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03.29.16 8 Comments

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There are few children’s movies that are as infamous for traumatizing viewers as Watership Down. The 1978 animated film based on the classic British novel by Richard Adams, while based on a community of rabbits, is an unflinching look at some of the more brutal and tragic aspects of nature. Let’s just say that if you aren’t ready to see bunnies gruesomely murdered by their fellow bunnies and other predators, Watership Down should get a hard pass.

Well, whoever runs the  schedule at Channel 5 in England decided to add a little trauma to everyone’s Easter Sunday and air the film that afternoon. You know, when families would be gathering around the telly to fall into a comfortable sugar coma. Instead, they were treated to psychotic rabbits and lots of adorable woodland creatures being slaughtered. Poor, poor Hazel. Parents were, uh, not pleased, but people on Twitter managed to see the irony in the situation.

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