Chris Evans Might Play The Villainous (And Singing) Dentist In The ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ Remake

Chris Evans seems like he’s enjoying his post-Captain America life just fine and happy to take roles that don’t involve giant shields and copious green screen. He seemed to be having a ball rocking killer sweaters in Knives Out, and he’s even doing television, with the forthcoming Apple TV show Defending Jacob, due in April. So why not do a musical that also allows him to cosplay as Steve Martin?

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Evans is in early talks to join the remake of Little Shop of Horrors — not the 1960 Roger Corman original, which featured an early scene-stealing role from young Jack Nicholson but the off-Broadway musical adaptation, which itself was turned into a movie in 1986. No, the former Steve Rogers won’t be playing meek florist Seymour, who feeds fresh corpses to a human-eating plant from outer space. He’s in talks to take on dentist Orin Scrivello, DDS, the abusive boyfriend of love interest Audrey, who wears a leather jacket and sings a barnstormer about how dentistry was the only practice to sate his deep-seated sadism.

Evans isn’t the only one circling the production; Taron Egerton and Scarlett Johansson are also in talks, for Seymour and Audrey, respectively, who in the 1986 film were played by the newly un-retired Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene. (Billy Porter has already signed up.)

So does this mean Cats hasn’t completely destroyed the movie musical? Perhaps more importantly, will this remake retain the show’s hilariously bleak-o-rama ending, which had to be re-filmed for the 1986 movie after test audiences despised it? And who could possibly fill the shoes once occupied by Bill Murray, as Orin’s masochistic client — the role originated by Jack Nicholson? Surely, we’ll have answers soon.

(Via THR)