Chris Evans Had A Great Time While Asking Paul Rudd For His Secrets To Being ‘So Awesome’ And Ageless

Chris Evans and Paul Rudd have a lot more in common than starring in their own Marvel movies. The two actors recently made the jump into streaming TV series with Apple TV’s Defending Jacob for Evans and Netflix’s Living with Yourself for Rudd. They’re also both pretty adept at giving entertaining interviews, so it made perfect sense for Variety to pair them up for its “Actors on Actors” issue.

While looking surprisingly well-groomed for just coming out of a quarantine, the two actors discussed their streaming shows before Evans got down to brass tacks and demanded to know the secret to Rudd’s ageless looks and how he manages to be awesome in so many pop culture staples:

Evans: Why don’t you age? Are you drinking baby blood?

Rudd: I most certainly age.

Evans: Oh, you know what? It’s not a question so much as it’s just an attaboy. In terms of Hollywood, you are a part of Marvel, you’re a part of “Friends” and you’re in the [Judd] Apatow crew. Those are three real clubby, cliquey, benchmark-y things. I can’t think of anybody else that has such a kind of wide-spread affiliation with so many different genres and groups. Basically, what does it feel like to be awesome?

Unfortunately, Rudd dodged the question and left Evans hanging without learning the secret to the Ant-Man star’s immortal looks and natural coolness. But the two did get to reminiscing about how they met for the very first time on the set of Captain America: Civil War. Not only that, but Evans revealed that Rudd was gracious to dance in a Grease sing-along video that Evans was making even though the two had just met that day. However, the footage never saw the light of day, so maybe everything Paul Rudd touches doesn’t turn to cinematic gold.

Nah, his part is probably great.

(Via Variety)