Chris Hemsworth Couldn’t Get A Bakery To Make His Daughter’s Cake, So He Made It Himself

Chris Hemsworth may be one of the best known and most sought after actors in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean that a bakery has time for his daughter’s birthday cake. That’s something the star of Thor learned this weekend when he was told that the dinosaur cake his kid had to have to celebrate her special day was just going to take too much time for them to create.

So what did Hemsworth do? He made the cake himself. Because he can do absolutely anything. I want to say this is cute and wonderful, but I’m seething with so much hatred and jealousy at the fact that this dude isn’t just a great big celebrity with arms bigger than my head, but that he can also bake a passable dinosaur cake.

Let’s look at it together:

Look at that thing! Sure, it’s not something you’re going to get from a famous baker, but it’s definitely just as good (if not a little better) than one of those cute cakes you can buy at your local supermarket. And he made it himself! And it’s now been shared thousands of times! The last time I tried to make a cake, I accidentally poisoned my husband and he had to spend his entire birthday in pain while pretending to be grateful! Bet Chris Hemsworth doesn’t have that problem.

Whatever. Happy birthday, Chris Hemsworth’s kid! This cake is awesome and I wish I could pull something like this off myself. Even if the eye is a little wonky. (See? You’re not perfect Hemsworth!)