Chris Hemsworth Was Brutally Honest About Which Hemsworth Brother Is The Favorite

A gaggle of men named Luke, Chris, and Liam might sound like sixth grade bullies who try to steal your lunch money, but they are actually a group of talented and good-looking actors that you probably have seen on your screens over the years. But beyond being Australian and having fantastic genes, the Hemsworth trio are first and foremost brothers, which means that they were born with the unique ability to be competitive all the time. Starring in Marvel movies probably didn’t help Chris too much.

The middle brother appears in the upcoming Mad Max prequel Furiosa alongside Anya Taylor-Joy. But even though deserted wastelands are scary, nothing is as scary as growing up with two brothers, though Chris seems to think he was the favorite.

In a new lie detector interview with Vanity Fair, Hemsworth was asked about his famous siblings, and he did not hold back (and briefly broke the machine):

VANITY FAIR: Your older brother said that growing up, you fought so much it was like the Hemsworth House Of Horrors. Were you the troublemaker?

HEMSWORTH: One of. One of three. Was I the main troublemaker…maybe.

VANITY FAIR: Is it because you have middle child energy?

HEMSWORTH: I think so.


VANITY FAIR: Are you the favorite?

HEMSWORTH: Yes [laughs].


HEMSWORTH: [laughs, breaks machine] Sorry! Am I the favorite? That’s hilarious. I mean, I think I am. Sorry Luke, Sorry Liam. The machine doesn’t lie. There was so much truth this thing like exploded off my chest.

Liam is likely playing Geralt somewhere in a mysterious forest, so he probably won’t mind. It’s hard to get a read on Luke, though, who seems to be the most elusive of the bunch. Hopefully they can get through this.

Check out the clip here:

(Via Vanity Fair)