Chris Hemsworth Debuted Dramatic Weight Loss For ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ On Twitter

Fans may know him as the mighty Thor, but Chris Hemsworth decided to go full actor for the upcoming In The Heart Of The Sea, about a whaling ship being hunted by a seriously pissed off whale, serving as the inspiration for Moby Dick. Being lost at sea doesn’t lend itself to maintaining an Avengers physique, so Hemsworth had to lose a substantial amount of weight on a 500 calorie-a-day diet to prepare for the Ron Howard film, and showed his Twitter  followers his formerly gaunt frame. Hemsworth informed Entertainment Weekly that the dramatic weight loss was no easy task.

“When you’re already starting off lean, it’s brutal to chew through that kind of weight. Every pound feels like a kilogram.”

Hemsworth also took to Twitter yesterday for a Q&A, and while people looking for info about Thor: Ragnarok or the deeper meaning in Moby Dick should probably look elsewhere, the Aussie actor had a few witticisms regarding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, settled the Gale vs. Peeta Hunger Games debate, and gave a shoutout to his mum.

I would have taken Thor for more of a Leonardo man.

(Via Entertainment Weekly and Twitter)

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