Warner Bros. Might Be Eyeing Chris Pine As The New Green Lantern, Maybe

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Not to be outdone by Marvel’s cadre of handsome Chrises, Warner Bros. is rumored to be looking at Chris Pine to play Hal Jordan in its Green Lantern reboot. A whole slew of DC movies are scheduled to hit theaters over the next few years — during Marvel’s Phase 3, no less — and the Green Lantern is going to be a part of that as a member of the Justice League for two movies in 2018 and 2019 and a solo flick in 2020.

However, this is merely a rumor, in its very early stages. Latino Review broke the news on Instagram with a reminder that this is still very, very rumory at this point. Don’t put any money on this Pine pony yet.

/Film also says that this new Green Lantern’s secret identity hasn’t even been announced. It could be Hal Jordan, as played by Ryan Reynolds in 2011, in case you were trying to forget. But it could also be John Stewart, who is black and can obviously not be played by Chris Pine.

This will actually be Pine’s second shot at the role since he was up for it against Reynolds. Will he be up for another franchise since next year’s Star Trek 3 will likely be his last trip on the Enterprise?

No matter what happens with Green Lantern, I managed to work two pictures of Chris Pine into this post so my work here is done.

Three pictures.

Source: /Film