Chris Rock Teases A #Blackout For Sunday’s Oscars On Social Media

So Chris Rock has been fairly silent regarding his role as Oscars host for Sunday’s awards, starring in promos and only making a few passing mentions in a TMZ street chat. But now it seems he is teasing something ahead of the show, posting the video above on social media with the words “See You Sunday.” ABC news is in full speculation mode, noting that the hashtag is a departure from the popular #OscarsSoWhite hashtag that took hold after the nominations were announced earlier this year.

While it is easy to expect Rock to do something outrageous with the current debate raging in Hollywood, it might be more likely to paint this as something the telecast might be trying as a whole. Noobody should expect someone to cut ABC’s feed or for Rock to walk off the stage mid-ceremony. That’d be awesome, sure, but I doubt the Academy would take that kind of chance with their major moment.

Still, might be worth keeping an eye on Rock’s account ahead of the awards. Even if nothing of consequence comes from this #blackout type thing, you’re still going to get stuff like this too.

Totally worth it.

(Via ABC News / Chris Rock)