Chris Rock Thinks That Jonah Hill Is The Great, Cocky Wide Receiver Of Comedy

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Chris Rock just keeps popping up all over the place. Giving opinions about The Interview, praising the life of Leonardo DiCaprio, and just having great chats all over the place. The most recent was with The Hollywood Reporter and that’s where the gem above comes from. Seems that Rock loves him some Jonah Hill.

He compares Hill to being the “cocky black wide receiver” of comedy, saying he’s a mix of Eddie Murphy, Danny Devito, and Harvey Weinstein when it comes to comedic acting. Not bad praise for a guy that started out with a small part wanting some funky ass eBay shoes in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Elsewhere, Rock turned up on The Tonight Show to mess around with Ben Stiller and dancing around as Hashtag the Dancing Panda. He also made some nice jokes on the cancellation of The Interview, so it’s worth a watch for that in between Ben Stiller doing his Ben Stiller act.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / The Tonight Show)