Christian Bale Could Be Going For Oscar Gold Again As Dick Cheney In Adam McKay’s Impending Biopic

When you think of Christian Bale and Amy Adams, you tend to think of true chameleons. They’re two actors who completely own whatever roles they take on, with Bale especially often undergoing drastic physical changes to meet the demands of his characters. With that in mind, this potential casting news isn’t totally insane, except that it is. According to Variety, the frequent costars and David O. Russell collaborators (The Fighter, American Hustle) are looking to tackle the roles of Dick and Lynne Cheney is Adam McKay’s upcoming biopic.

After tackling the housing bubble collapse of 2008 with The Big Short, McKay is eying another trouble aspect of that same era by exploring Cheney’s role as Vice President in the George W. Bush administration and his staunch advocation and manipulation of the controversial Iraq War. Potentially joining Bale and Adams in this film would be McKay stalwart Steve Carell as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

It’s still a little shocking that the man behind Step Brothers and Anchorman — not to knock them, but they don’t exactly scream “Oscar bait” — is now in the phase of his career as an Academy Award winning screenwriter. Still, The Big Short managed to deftly walk the line between funny and smart, so McKay’s voice could be just what this bizarre phase in American history needs.

(Via Variety)