Christina Applegate Chugged CGI Beer While Filming ‘Vacation’

Christina Applegate stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the Vacation reboot she stars in with Ed Helms, out this week, where she told a story about having to fake chug beer for her role in the film. The scene in question is set at a sorority event for some reason (I hear it’s not a very good movie), and her character has to chug a pitcher of beer, presumably to show up some haughty sorority b*tches or something.

Applegate says the pitcher was actually empty, and that the beer was later CGI’d in, because she would have been sick if she actually had to drink all that beer. But, you know, I call bullcrap. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christina Applegate and have rooted for her career since back in her Kelly Bundy days. But given what some actors are willing to do for their craft — Jake Gyllenhaal’s ridiculous body transformation for Southpaw and whatever the hell Shia LaBeouf does off the top of my head — really? She couldn’t down one pitcher of beer?

I’m not even an actor, and I would gladly chug an entire pitcher of beer for, say, $20. Hey, maybe I’d even do it for $10 if I was feeling generous.