Cillian Murphy Needed His Head Glued Shut After An Unfortunate Pillow Incident Caused By Emily Blunt

Over the last few months, Emily Blunt has been using her interviews to quietly and discretely drop various hints to seemingly prove that filming Oppenheimer destroyed Cillian Murphy and that he is just a shell of the man he once was. But she normally recites these stories while laughing, so we shouldn’t take it too seriously.

Blunt has already recalled a grueling scene where she hit him over and over (and over) again, hurting his “famous cheekbones,” but it also appears that she has also been psychologically torturing the famously private man. She has been constantly teasing her co-star about his eyes, sharing his private nighttime plans (“having a bath”), and comparing him to a kidnapper. She also answers his questions for him like that one annoying kid in the group project. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Blunt revealed that she gifted Murphy with a pillow to help him sleep, but it subsequently caused him to bash his head open. How much more is he expected to endure?

Blunt appeared alongside Murphy on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she told the story. “I just felt Cillian needed, even more than food, sleep on this movie. So I got him this very beautiful pillow that I’m obsessed with, a Hästens pillow,” she began. While a pillow seemed like a nice gesture, it quickly turned sour.

“He was really luxuriating in this pillow one night, and he woke up in the middle of the night, this is what he told me the next day. He went to fluff himself back down in the pillow, misjudged where it was, and smashed his head open on the bedside table. So he came to work, and they had to glue his head shut!” she recalled with a haunting laugh. “I was having a great sleep and then…bang,” Murphy responded grimly. He can’t seem to catch a break.

On the other hand, Robert Downey Jr. has been putting Blunt in her place by constantly telling the press to “ignore Emily” because she’s “tripping on mushrooms.” You can watch the (obviously harmless) bullying above.