Emily Blunt Had A ‘Brief Weep’ After Picking Up Dog Poop When She Learned Of Her Oscar Nom

You never know where you will be then you get a call that can change your life. Daniel Radcliffe was famously in the bath when he learned he snagged the role of Harry Potter, while Rayn Gosling was ready to give up after his car broke down before getting his big break. Life doesn’t stop for you when you are waiting on a big call, which is why it is perfectly respectable for Emily Blunt to be picking up dog poop when she learned she received an Oscar nom for Best Supporting Actress.

Blunt recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she was walking her dog when she got the call that she was going to be nominated for her role in the Oppenheimer. “I did have a brief cry in the middle of Brooklyn, brief weep directly after picking up my dog’s poop,” she explained. Her dog must have been very confused or proud of themself.

She continued, “I did pick up her poop and then I heard that I got nominated so it was perfect,” she said, adding that husband John Krasinski “had a really good cry as well, after helping me with the poop. I think he went and put it in the trash and then we both cried.” There’s a lot of crying/poop handling here but the bottom line is sweet! Sort of.

Blunt is nominated for her role of Kitty Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s massive blockbuster. Her dog could not be reached for comment, but sources say the dog is mad that Blunt played a character with such a name.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)