Colin Farrell Looks Back Over His History Of Bad Hair On Film On ‘Graham Norton’

Colin Farrell joined several other beautiful people, including Chris O’Dowd and Rachel Weisz on The Graham Norton Show, and the main topic of discussion seemed to be his ridiculous hair (or lack of it) from his many films roles over the years. Not only do Horrible Bosses and Alexander come up (an Irish Alexander the Great? Stupid), but his look from A Home at The End of The World gets some spotlight. And it’s rough.

I can think of some other horrible looks for Farrell over the years. Phone Booth features him looking a bit ridiculous, Bullseye in Daredevil is a terrible look, and how can you ever forget his look in Miami Vice. That’s the precursor to his silly look in True Detective season two.

Elsewhere, Chris O’Dowd talks a bit about how his wife got to hold onto Brad Pitt’s hand for a bit, counting every second of the encounter. She also stole Bradley Cooper’s fork, making her seem like a looney tune as opposed to sweet, decent wife with a nice haircut. Watch your back, Colin Farrell. She might be in the back, rummaging through your trash right now.

Also Rachel Weisz discussed her husband, Daniel Craig, and the big ovation he gets on Broadway. The idea that you’d clap in the middle of a performance when a famous person walks on the stage is a little weird to me. It’s not as bad as when people clap in the movie theater, but it’s still gotta be a little rude for the actors on stage.

(Via The Graham Norton Show)