Colin Farrell Was Kicked In The Knee By His Co-Star Jenny, Who Is A Donkey, Just To Be Clear

It’s pretty common for movie stars to have some on-set beef that eventually spills over to the press tour, say, for example, anyone who worked on Don’t Worry Darling, or anyone who almost worked on Don’t Worry Darling. But to call someone out while promoting your new movie when they can’t respond? That’s just cruel. And it’s exactly what Colin Farrell did to his lovely costar, Jenny.

To be fair, this was Jenny’s first movie, and she was probably nervous! Also, she is a donkey. “Ah, Jenny was tricky,” Farrell explained in a new interview with Empire. “It was her first film, but she acted like it was her 100th. She was kind of over it. Kind of jaded,” He added. Well, she’s not going to get anywhere acting like a nobody!

As it turns out, Jenny wasn’t pleased with Farrell either, probably because she didn’t like him in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. The donkey ended up kicking Farrell while shooting. “She didn’t like her nose being touched, I found out. She kicked me in the knee. But that was my fault. I got too close to her.”

On the other hand, Farrell had nothing but love for Minnie, his canine companion. “Minnie was great,” Farrell added. “Minnie proved that there’s no such thing as small parts, just small actors.” Meanwhile, he was bit by co-star Brendan Gleeson‘s dog, “I f*cking got bitten by your f*cking dog! I still have the scar. The donkey kicked me, the dog bit me.” The dog probably didn’t enjoy Farrell’s performance in Batman, so he took matters into his own hands (or…paws).

Minnie, Jenny, and Colin Farrell star in The Banshees Of Inisherin which opens October 21st.

(Via Empire)