The Classic Kaiju Tale Gets A Twist In The First Trailer For ‘Colossal’

Seasons may change and Trump will soon be President, but one thing that people can truly count on is the perennial awesomeness of a good monster movie. Whether it’s the classic Godzilla tale or kaiju fighting giant robot war machines in Pacific Rim, most people just like to watch the world get smashed into pieces. However, Colossal is looking to be something a little bit different. Marketed as a sort of intellectual monster movie, this Anne Hathaway vehicle looks pretty strange and wonderful.

Earning rave reviews out of the Toronto Film Festival, Colossal has Hathaway playing against type as a slacker who loses her job and her boyfriend before returning to her hometown to lay low for a while. After a drunken night out, she realizes that Seoul has been terrorized by a massive kaiju-like monster and somehow she and that monster are psychically linked. Color us intrigued by this twist on the classic tropes.

With an April 7th, 2017, release date, Colossal looks like it has all the makings of a cult hit. Also starring Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, and Tim Blake Nelson, Colossal could be the cool antidote to action movie sameness. Put aside your petty “Hathahate” and let the monster madness wash over you instead.