Move Over Thanos, There’s A Marvel Character With A New Look Who’s Grabbing All The Thirst Tweets

Marvel Comics’ Colossus/Peter Rasputin is no stranger to different looks. The Fox movies even handled the frequently metal-skinned mutant differently in the X-Men films (he was portrayed by Daniel Cudmore) than in the two Deadpool flicks, where he was joint-portrayed by five different actors (including Stefan Kapicic). The comics have now further refreshed his look, and it’s one that’s prompting remarks akin to those Infinity War-era Thicc Thanos jokes. The thing is, though, these new remarks sound, uh, more serious. People are genuinely thirsty over the new Colossus look that’s grabbing all kinds of attention for the upcoming “Hellfire Gala” crossover event.

Marvel Entertainment didn’t even need to put him in the center of these other attendees (Sunfire, Synch, Wolverine and Cannonball) because he’s grabbing all of the attention. “One era ends as a new one begins,” the Marvel tweet read.

As Entertainment Weekly reveals, the Hellfire Gala will gather up all manner of mutants “to celebrate their ascendancy following the foundation of an independent mutant nation-state on the living island of Krakoa.” This is poised to be one hell of a party, given that it will spread across a dozen X-Men comics, which will be followed by the emergence of a new X-Men team. And they are fashionable types, but it seems like everyone is only looking at Colossus. As one Twitter user wrote, “colossus really said i’m gonna make you forget all the bad things i’ve done by looking sexy… i’m not forgetting but i am looking.”

This comparison between Bucky’s arm and a certain part of Colossus’ anatomy is, well, relevant. Thank goodness for comic-book artists who simply cannot help themselves. Let the dreamcasting begin.

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