You Can Now Buy A $7000 Black And Gold Leica Camera Designed By James Bond Himself, Daniel Craig

James Bond is, above all, a man of discerning style and taste. And so a $7,000 camera certainly seems like an on-brand movie tie in for the oft-delayed No Time To Die. The movie, got pushed more than a year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, has had an interesting promotional calendar to say the least. Daniel Craig, you may recall, hosted SNL nearly a full year ago to promote the film that still hasn’t been released.

But perhaps an extremely nice camera is the best way to promote the film, which is why Craig worked with Leica to make a Bond-inspired version of the camera maker’s iconic Q2 shooter.

According to Leica, the camera is a “close collaboration” between Bond star Craig and photographer Greg Williams. And, quite frankly, the camera is gorgeous.


There’s a lot of impressive technical specs here, but perhaps most importantly the collaboration has an important design distinction: it’s the first time ever the company has made a camera with its iconic red logo cast in a different color.

All engravings are inlaid with gold paint; even the Leica logo adheres for the first time ever to the colour scheme of black and gold. The name of the special edition (which is limited to 750 units worldwide) and the sequential serial number are, also for the first time, shown as a laser engraving under the display glass. The grippy leather trim of the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams is textured with an exclusive diamond pattern.

All of that makes it extremely scarce: even with a price tag of $6,995 it was almost immediately listed as sold out. But as Craig’s time as Bond comes to an end, this definitely serves as a very fancy tribute to his time in the role.