‘No Time To Die’ Was Reportedly Delayed Yet Again, This Time To October 2021

Daniel Craig’s final turn as James Bond will not hit theaters, or streaming screens, until the fall. No Time To Die was delayed yet again on Thursday, moving the picture further into the 2021 calendar and hopefully to a time where people feel safe enough to actually head back to the movie theater as the coronavirus pandemic is under better control.

We know plenty about No Time To Tie, including some of the music we’ll get when it actually is released. But that release date has shifted a number of times amid the coronavirus pandemic. And the Hollywood Reporter wrote Thursday that the oft-delayed Bond movie is getting one (hopefully) last push to October 2021.

James Bond pic No Time To Die is once again pushing back its release amid the ongoing pandemic and widespread theater closures in many major markets across the globe.

It was set to open April 2. Now, it is planning to hit the big screen Oct. 8 as Hollywood faces more delays before moviegoing resumes in earnest. No Time to Die is likely to spark another wave of high-profile moves among spring and early summer movies.

No Time To Die was one of the first major movies to get a delayed release as the pandemic took hold of the world. Craig had even done his SNL hosting gig days before the world shut down in anticipation of hyping the April 2020 release that never came. Neither did its anticipated release in November of 2020, and now its third COVID-pushed release date of April 2021 will come and go without a Bond movie.

With all these delays, it’s hard not to think again of the report that the Bond movie nearly went straight to streaming before executives decided against the move. While the Bond flick pushing further into 2021 will likely shuffle other movies around, at least we are still likely to see a solid stream of titles on HBO Max.