Good (?) News, Cinema’s Most Famous Mermaid Butt Has Been Restored On Disney+

Ah, remember the good ol’ days of the first year of Disney+, which launched in November 2019? What a time to be alive. There was “Maclunkey”… then nothing until someone noticed that Daryl Hannah’s mermaid butt in Splash was censored with “digital fur technology.” Disney never gave an official explanation for the CGI reverse merkin, but it was impossible not to notice.

However, there’s good news for people who can’t think of anywhere but Disney+ to see butts on the internet: the original cut of Splash has been restored. CBR reports that “with the addition of the Disney+ parental lock feature, Splash‘s CGI cover-up has been removed and the original version reinstated.” The Michael Jackson episode of The Simpsons is nowhere to be seen on the streaming service, but this is a good start.

Splash was the first film released by Disney’s adult-focused Touchstone Pictures label. It was rated PG not only for the nudity, but also violence, like the scene where “a man assaults a woman with spray from a garden hose,” according to IMDb. And an “underwater fight scene in which one man is kicked in the groin, and several others have their scuba masks and regulators ripped off, forcing them to return to the surface.”

The 1980s was a wild time.

(Via CBR)