Dave Grohl Has A Good Reason For Never Wanting To See The Kurt Cobain Documentary, ‘Montage Of Heck’

If you saw the Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, you may have noticed the absence of one of Kurt’s closest friends. Dave Grohl did not appear in the film and, as Consequence of Sound points out, the decision to keep Grohl out of it was made by director Brett Morgen.

Grohl doesn’t have any hard feelings about being excluded from the movie. In fact, he hasn’t even seen it yet. He told the Washington Post that he was too “terrified” to watch it. Grohl’s wife found the documentary while going to bed one night, but Grohl was only able to make it 10 minutes in before deciding not to go on. “All the footage of him as a child, I think that might make me sad, and then the dark stuff at the end I think would bum me out,” he said.

On the decision to exclude Grohl from the film, Morgen says, “This is not a story about Nirvana. This is about Kurt.” He also went on to say, “By the way, if people want to know what Dave thinks about Kurt, it’s pretty much out there.”

(Via Consequence of Sound)