‘Deadpool’ Uses A Chimichanga To Explain Why IMAX Is Better

There are two things that are consistent about Deadpool: His love of wisecracks, and his love of the humble chimichanga. Thankfully, in his movie, he’s finally able to combine both to demonstrate why IMAX is his format of choice.

Okay, so there’s not a lot of new footage here, although once again we get to see how much everybody involved in this movie loves the comics, and that’s always heart-warming. What is interesting, though, is tucked away in the YouTube comments on the JoBlo Movie Channel it premiered on. It turns out that the new trailer arriving Christmas Day will be a red-band trailer. So, not only can you celebrate the holidays by watching the Merc with a Mouth kill baddies for two minutes, there will also be screamed obscenities and possibly breasts! Throw it on the family TV, over the Hallmark Channel, so that everyone can get in on the fun. Especially your uptight aunt!

Joking aside, it will be nice to cut all the Christmas cheer with a little bit of fictional violence and gunplay. And you can use it to distract your drunken uncle so you can sneak out the back with your cousins and go to a bar before anybody notices.

(via YouTube)