‘Deadpool’ Is Giving Us A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Gifts

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Were you worried that you’d only have adorable family-friendly entertainment this Christmas? Don’t worry, Deadpool is cleaving through the tsunami of basic cable rom-coms and recycled Christmas specials with a katana lovingly crafted from dick jokes and headshots.

Essentially, the next two weeks are going to feature a lot of Deadpool. The movie is rolling out some vaguely described “goodies” over the next fortnight building up to a trailer arriving on Christmas Day, both on the Internet and presumably attached to some appropriate fare like Concussion or 45 Years. Okay, so it’s probably going to be tagged onto Fox’s Will Ferrell comedy Daddy’s Home, but wouldn’t it be great if the Deadpool red band trailer lit up a theater full of sugared up urchins? That would truly deliver on the meaning of Christmas.

Anyway, they’ve already delivered. Here’s a new poster, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. It’s tasteful, subtle, exactly what you’d expect:

Kudos for slipping in a Batman joke, guys. Anyway, the campaign crosses a huge number of sites: DeviantArt, Fandango, and JoBlo are all getting in on the fun, as well as the usual suspects such as Empire and Mashable. Now to speculate on what we’ll see when the trailer arrives. Nudity? We hope there’s nudity.

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