‘Deadpool’ Has A Christmas Eve Trailer Teaser For Us

The full red band trailer is arriving tomorrow, because Deadpool loves Christmas surprises, but if, for some reason, you’re busy tomorrow and won’t be able to sneak away to watch the trailer, there’s a short, but surprisingly tasty, morsel of cinematic violence for you online now.

Really, it’s the wrapper on this bon-bon that makes it:

This thirty-second spot is actually half new footage, even if it’s relatively minor stuff, like the fact that Deadpool whips off his mask in the opening fight or a gag after said fight that we won’t spoil here. It also does explain a bit more of the plot; it turns out Deadpool has to rescue Morena Baccarin from the people who made him Deadpool. You know, because once you give a Special Forces operative a healing factor, make him look like an avocado had sex with an older uglier avocado, and drive him completely insane, your next step should totally be to antagonize him! That will totally end well!

We’ll find out exactly how badly ticking off Deadpool goes for his creators come February. Fortunately, for those of us who can ignore our families, we’ll have the whole trailer tomorrow.

(Via Twitter)

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