‘Deadpool’ Steals The Show From ‘Batman V Superman’ On A Rather Prominent Magazine Cover Ahead Of Comic-Con

While it appeared that Zack Snyder et al. of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were getting a lot of pre-San Diego Comic-Con press lately, another popular figure of comic book origins sliced his way onto Entertainment Weekly‘s July cover. That’s right, folks — Deadpool himself took over the glossy’s “Comic-Con Bonus Issue” and dropped one of his many snarky one-liners.

Both EW and Empire had recently published new photos from the Ryan Reynolds-led film, which came to be after a 2011 test film leaked online. Heroic Hollywood broke the news of the variant cover over the weekend, but the cover itself didn’t pop up online until Sunday.

It’s a fantastic cover, and if the accompanying story does the movie as much justice at fans hope the film does for the beloved antihero, then chimichanga sales are about to go through the roof.

(Via Entertainment Weekly, Heroic Hollywood)