Leonardo DiCaprio Passes Off Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosting Duties To Good Pal Justin Timberlake

08.20.16 3 years ago

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The link between Hollywood and politics has always felt more pronounced than that of the connection that most other industries have to world leaders, mostly because of the profile that big-name Hollywood actors and actresses have. Clint Eastwood once spoke to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention, Sean Penn has done just about everything, including interviewing notorious drug lords for Rolling Stone, and so forth. Leonardo DiCaprio has been outspoken about environmental issues for a long time now, so him hosting a fundraiser for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton should come as no surprise.

He had the best intentions this time out, reports Deadline, but something came up and he won’t be able to host the previously-planned August 23rd event at his LA home. That means that those $33,400-a-plate patrons will now be shuffled off to a new, equally-as-ritzy location; the home of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. DiCaprio will be in New York filming for an upcoming project and turned to former Mouseketeer, Grammy-award-winning musician and actor pal Justin Timberlake and his equally-talented wife, Jessica Biel, to see if they could pick up his slack while he was across the country. They were happy to oblige and the event will go on as scheduled, just in a new location.

This will be just one of many fundraising events that Clinton has planned in the Los Angeles area in the coming week, including one at Magic Johnson’s home and another at Haim Saban’s.

(Via Deadline)

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