Disney Taps ‘Tower Of Terror’ As The Next Big Screen Bound Theme Park Attraction

Have you had your fill of Disney theme park attractions that have been tossed up on the big screen? Steady yourself, there’s a new one on the way and it comes complete with a treatment from Big Fish scribe John August.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the Tower of Terror (or The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror if you’re a purist) is big screen bound and now the hunt is on for a screenwriter to knock out a proper script. The film will not be affiliated with the ride’s Twilight Zone branding which is good news for any characters worried about being terrorized by a gremlin or having tons of books and no functioning glasses.

At the moment, the film will focus on five people at a swanky hotel that have their elevator struck by lightning and promptly disappear as a result. Standard lightning + elevator mechanics, really.

Tower of Terror will join the decidedly mixed legacy of Disney park rides that have been tapped for the multiplex. Tomorrowland, The Haunted Mansion and the apparently un-killable Pirates of the Caribbean franchise are this cinematic offering’s forefathers.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Disney’s Tower of Terror has been earmarked for a movie adaption. In the halcyon days of 1997, Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst costarred in a TV movie take on the attraction boasting the very reasonable title Tower of Terror. Guttenberg’s character in the Disney produced production was named Buzzy Crocker which is something we should all have a good think about.

(h/t /Film)