There’s A Donald Trump Joke In ‘The Brothers Grimsby’ That Apparently Has Studio Execs Scrambling

'The Brothers Grimsby' Berlin Fan Event
Getty Image / Sean Gallup

Have five minutes passed? That must mean it’s time for another story revolving around bronze enthusiast/presidential contender Donald Trump. We’d do something about this if we could, but it’s 2015-16 media law that all things Donald have to bubble up everywhere.

Character inhabiting rascal Sacha Baron Cohen has his latest comedy primed for release next Friday on this side of the pond, but there’s apparently a scene that’s causing a colossal sh*tstorm. After offerings like Borat and Brüno, what could be so scandalous by comparison?


That’d be the bit where “Trump” accidentally contracts HIV.

*opens up umbrella as sh*tstorm intensifies*

Yup, there’s a Trump gets HIV scene in The Brothers Grimsby. The Huffington Post combed through overseas reviews and reports of how audiences responded to the joke and crowds went bonkers over it. Cheering, applause, standing ovations, pretty much every brand of endorsement a crowd can make. Audiences in Europe might be thrilled to see Trump contract the disease in the spy comedy, but HuffPo says Sony’s scrambling to give the joke the heave-ho.

According to The Huffington Post’s report, three industry sources have relayed that the studio is not happy at all about the scene. Baron Cohen has final cut of the film and he’s not budging, which (of course) could prompt a response from Trump. They might face flack over the HIV joke and there’s been the suggestion that the lack of promo for The Brothers Grimsby has been a calculated defensive move in America. It’s a claim that Sony has labelled “utter nonsense,” and they stress they’ve been supportive of Baron Cohen throughout the process.

Here’s what one industry source had to say about the matter:

“They’re subtly trying to make it disappear so Donald Trump doesn’t sue the studio, and also if Donald Trump wins, then they don’t have a major problem with the corporation where they’ve alienated the president,” said another source.

Geez, this (reportedly) feels like The Interview all over again. The Brothers Grimsby and its Trump joke will arrive in American multiplexes on March 11.

(via The Huffington Post)