‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Is Now Streaming On Hulu And You Betcha People Are Excited

New Line Cinema

Drop Dead Gorgeous, the 1999 dark comedy that was initially a box office flop but has since gone on to achieve beloved cult hit status, turns 20 this month. And now the film is streaming for the first time ever on Hulu, so perhaps it can be discovered and enjoyed by a whole new generation of fans.

For those unfamiliar with the plot, Drop Dead Gorgeous is a mockumentary-style film set in the fictional town of Mount Rose, Minnesota, where teen beauty pageant contestants keep, well, dropping dead due to suspicious circumstances. The all-star cast features Kirsten Dunst as Amber Atkins — a peppy but financially disadvantaged teen who enrolls in the pageant so that she might follow in the footsteps of her idol, Diane Sawyer, and escape the trappings of small town life. Ellen Barkin stars as Amber’s mother Annette, while Allison Janney may be the real MVP of the film as Loretta — Annette’s friend and trailer park neighbor.

Meanwhile, the pageant is organized by Gladys Leeman (Kirstie Alley), a former winner and wife to a prominent local business owner who is gunning for her daughter Becky (Denise Richards) to follow in her footsteps by winning the pageant. Brittany Murphy and Amy Adams (in her first ever film role) also round out the cast as pageant contestants.

Despite the now somewhat cringeworthy inclusion of Will Sasso as the mentally disabled brother of one of the pageant judges, Drop Dead Gorgeous holds up incredibly well to this day. As such, fans are celebrating finally being able to stream the classic comedy with gifs and quotes.

As if we all needed yet another reason to hole up indoors in front of screens during this holiday weekend.