Edgar Wright’s Departure From ‘Ant-Man’ Made Evangeline Lilly Nervous

Ever since news of Edgar Wright’s departure from Ant-Man made the rounds this past Memorial Day, the geek community at-large has expressed worry about the film’s future. So did the actors.

In a recent interview on the Canadian talk show Innerspace, Evangeline Lilly briefly discussed Wright’s leaving the project and new director Peyton Reed:

INTERVIEWER: Why was Peyton Reed the right choice to helm it?

LILLY: I did the same thing when they got rid of, or “not got rid of,” but when Edgar and Marvel decided to part ways. I was nervous, and I kind of held off from signing my contract because I actually wanted to wait and see what would happen. I met Peyton and we spoke….He has such impeccable taste. He’s so collaborative. He’s so much fun. He’s so deep into the comic book world. Always has been, all his life.

She immediately backtracked after implying Marvel “got rid of” Wright and praised Reed five ways from Sunday. A wise move considering Marvel’s covert ops were probably waiting in the wings. Maybe that’s why Lilly nervously gestured with her hands when discussing her waiting to sign the contract.

(Source: Innerspace)