RIP Edward Herrmann, Dad Vampire From The Original ‘Lost Boys,’ 1943-2014

Sad news: Actor Edward Herrmann has passed away at the age of 71 after a long and trying battle with brain cancer. Though many other sites seem to want to emphasize his run as the patriarchal Gilmore in The Gilmore Girls, one would be remiss not to mention his role that introduced many in my generation to the “horror movie plot twist.” I am, of course, talking about his turn in the 80’s vamp classic, The Lost Boys.

An actor wants nothing more than for a performance to resonate with an audience, so the fact that many of us feared all meek and nerdy older men for the rest of our lives after seeing that movie shows you the man did his job, and did it well. The irony is many of us grew up to become one of those men. Guess he made more of an impression than even he knew. Head vampires have a knack for such things.

Edward Herrmann is survived by his second wife and three children, as well as a clan of leather-clad vampires who roam the pier in Santa Cruz.