Emma Stone Is Making A ‘Punk’ Cruella De Vil Movie Set In The ’80s

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Emma Stone has moved into that portion of her career where she can do whatever she wants. And what the Oscar-winning actress most wants is to make movies like The Favourite, her new weirdo period piece dark comedy from the director of the even weirder The Lobster (and the even-weirder-than-that Dogtooth). And she’s not done being strange: She’s doing a Disney movie. But Stone’s version of a Disney movie is one where she plays a punk rock Cruella de Vil.

It’s already been reported — for the last couple years, in fact — that the La La Land star was going to headline a Malificent-style redo of the Disney classic, offering what’s basically the rebel version of the corporation’s traditional live-action remakes, like Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, the forthcoming Lion King, et al. In other words, it would gift the fur-loving villain from 101 Dalmations with a sympathetic (or semi-sympathetic) movie of her own.

What’s new is this: It’s evolved to the point that it’s now an origin story set in the early ’80s with a “punk rock vibe,” as per The Hollywood Reporter. Why a punk rock girl would not only be into fur but would need so much of it she’d need to steal 101 dogs has not yet been explained, but maybe it’s just trying to be as weird as The Favourite’s instant classic dance scene.

Right now, the project has a director in Craig Gillespie, last seen with I, Tonya and also responsible for the pretty strange Lars and the Real Girl, in which Stone’s frequent onscreen love interest Ryan Gosling played a man in love with an inflatable sex doll.

(Via THR)